SEO Content Writing Service: Create Authoritative Content With a Proven, Data-Driven Process

Boost your growth with blog content that's built to last

SEO Content Writing Service: Create Authoritative Content With a Proven, Data-Driven Process

Creating engaging content is hard work. Pouring hours into creating blog posts that establish thought leadership and engage your target audience… only to see all that work get lost in an endless sea of content on the internet. It can feel like a waste of time, effort, and resources.

This is where an expert content writer with deep SEO experience can drive real change for your business by:

 Hi, my name is Axel DeAngelis.

I’m a freelance SEO content writer and the owner/operator of Jumpcoast. I’ve been in the SEO game for a while now and am passionate about helping businesses grow through awesome web content.

Start driving growth for your business with my SEO content writing service so you can:

We take the guesswork and hassle out of content writing so you can focus on what you’re good at — running your business.

Why Should You Hire Me as Your Content Writer?

There are a lot of SEO writing services out there, so you might be wondering why you should hire me to create your content.

It all comes down to the resources I use and the background I have created.

Surf Power

Every piece of content I create is designed to jump to the top of the search rankings, thanks to an AI-based SEO tool called Surfer SEO.  

Surfer outputs a real-time, fully automated score that shows the content’s quality and the likelihood of ranking on Google search.  While I write the content, Surfer helps me continually optimize it with the right mix of primary keywords, secondary keywords, phrases, images, headings, and more.

While you might think using an AI-based tool would take the human element out of blog writing, that’s not the case.  

That’s because algorithms can process large amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take a human. And with Google’s search algorithm constantly changing, a human can’t keep up.

But with an AI SEO tool like Surfer, I can be sure your content is optimized for the latest Google update — giving you the best chance to rank on Google search.

This screenshot shows a 95/100 Surfer SEO content score for the "Business Name Generator" keyword in Surfer SEO.

Industry Specialization 

Research is a critical piece of the content-writing process. Creating compelling content is much easier when you hire a professional writer that understands your industry.

When you hire me, that’s exactly what you get. I take the time to engage your audience and get your content ranking on Google.  But I start by truly understanding your industry.

I can write about any industry, but I have hands-on experience with the following industries: 

Real Estate (Commercial & Residential)

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I spent six years in commercial real estate acquisitions, development, and capital markets. During that time, I closed over $3 billion in investments.  I also received my real estate license in the state of New York.

Long story short: I completely understand the ins and outs of what you’re doing, whether it’s writing property descriptions for residential buyers, acquiring commercial properties with a complex mezzanine debt stack, or anything in between.

If you’re looking for a real estate content writer with in-depth SEO knowledge, look no further.

Business Management / Entrepreneurship

I jumped into entrepreneurship in 2018 by launching a business name generator called NameBounce.  Coming from real estate, I had to learn everything from scratch – from hiring freelancers to managing affiliate partnerships.

Launching a business can be difficult, especially if you’re doing something new.  I love helping entrepreneurs succeed, save money, and set up efficient systems so their businesses can grow without working 70 hours per week.

If you want to increase your organic search traffic while helping improve your audience’s businesses and lives, I’m ready to help you.

This screenshot shows a 98/100 Surfer SEO content score for the keyword "how to start a landscaping business."

SaaS / Digital Tools

Digital tools and SaaS products have revolutionized how businesses can start, automate, and scale their operations. In addition to creating my own SaaS product, I have used other platforms for years to grow and manage my business.  

Do you need someone to write about SaaS and digital tools with firsthand experience as both a creator and a user?  Hire me, and let me create optimized content for you!

This screenshot shows a 93/100 Surfer SEO content score for the "Startup Name Generator" keyword in Surfer SEO.

My Process

Step 1: Join Me in a Free Content Strategy Call

This call not only allows me to get to know you and your business, but it also allows you to see if we’re a good fit.

I’m also happy to write a guest post for you so you can see how my process works.

tonymelony | Canva

Step 2: Complete Your Onboarding Form

After our strategy call, I will send you an onboarding form. The form helps me understand your business, your target audience, and your goals from the content. Additional contextual questions include how much content you want to publish, the broad topics where you want to build authority, and more.

Optional: Keyword Research and Content Strategy 

After completing the onboarding form, you can provide me with your editorial calendar, or a list of keywords you want to rank for. If you need help with this, I can create a content strategy that fits your goals using the onboarding form.  Typically, I recommend either a competitor-based or low-competition keyword plan.

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Step 3: I Create Your Optimized Content

Using all the information you provided, my research, and some additional resources, the content you are looking for now starts coming to life. I use many different tools to ensure everything comes together perfectly, including stock images, internal links, and detailed proofreading using Grammarly.

You will receive a Microsoft Word file or Google Doc with the appropriate tags and formatting, so it’s a simple upload to WordPress or your CMS. 

Screenshot showing a 91 score for this SEO Content Writing Service page in Surfer

Step 4: Monitoring and Iteration

Each month, I’ll review results using Google Analytics and Google Search Console and implement your feedback. From there, we’ll iterate our strategy, focusing on what’s working while moving away from what isn’t.

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Why Should You Hire Me and Focus on SEO?

SEO is a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  1. SEO helps you rank higher in Google search. That means you get free traffic to your site without having to spend a dime on paid advertising. It takes more time, but if you get it right, the rewards are enormous.
  2. SEO improves the quality of your website. Optimizing your website content makes it easier for search engines and visitors to understand your website. And as a result, you’re more likely to get repeat visitors and customers.

53% of all traffic on the internet comes from organic search results, and 75% of Google search users never scroll past the first page.  If you’re not on the first page, you’re missing out on a ton of potential traffic.

When you hire me, you get strong expertise and a track record of SEO success to help improve your website’s traffic and quality. Plus…

Ready for a Massive Wave of Traffic, Leads, and Sales?  

Click the button below to discover how I can help you create optimized, high-quality content!

SEO Content Writing Service FAQ

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