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The Complete List of 1,500+ Business Ideas to Start in 2023 [Updated]

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Axel DeAngelis

Updated on: January 6th, 2023
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Are you a current or prospective entrepreneur looking for your next business idea?

When I started my first business, I had many ideas and wasn’t sure which one to choose. I created a business naming startup (along with Jumpcoast four years later). But I had ideas as varied as a bulk meal shipping service, career coaching, and a batch geo-mapping service.

Part of the challenge in choosing a business idea was knowing what was out there. With a complete list, I would have had an easier time choosing, as I would have known the full range of options. So in this post, I set out to create the list I didn’t have and compile the internet’s most extensive list of business ideas.

The goal of this post is to help spark your creativity and get you thinking about all the possibilities for your business.

Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle or a full-time business, there’s an idea on this list for every interest, skill level, and budget. You can start many of these ideas for little more than the cost of a domain name.

Start exploring our business ideas now and take the first step towards building your own successful business!

Navigating This Post

This is an enormous post that covers a massive range of ideas, ranging from small business ideas to startup ideas. You probably have some idea of things that you’re not interested in – for example, as someone who can barely draw stick figures, I wouldn’t be interested in starting an art business.

I created a table of contents to make it easier for you to scan through the post. It’s on the left side on desktop and at the top of the post on mobile. You can click on a link to navigate to whatever section strikes your fancy.

Another option is using the “find” function on your browser. You can try searching for a few keywords you’re interested in and go from there.

Online Business Ideas (Low-Cost and Beginner-Friendly)

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission on each sale. It’s a competitive space but offers significant passive income potential.

Blogging: While some people blog for fun, others have turned blogging into a full-fledged business. Successful bloggers can earn a significant income from their writing by finding a niche market and providing helpful content. In addition to advertising revenue, blogging can generate income through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Bookkeeping Service: Bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Without accurate books, it’s impossible to file accurate taxes or make sound financial decisions. If you have experience in bookkeeping and are looking for a business idea, you can consider starting your own bookkeeping service. Depending on their needs, you could work with clients remotely or meet them in person.

Branding Consultant: Branding consultants help businesses develop and implement branding strategies. This can involve anything from creating a new logo to developing a brand identity. As a branding consultant, you need to understand marketing and design principles. You also need to communicate effectively with clients to understand their needs and objectives.

Digital Marketing Agency: A digital marketing agency is a business that provides marketing services to businesses and organizations. They offer a wide range of services, including SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising services. The key to success in this business is to offer high-quality services and to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Additionally, it is essential to build strong relationships with clients so that they will continue to use your services in the future.

Domain Name Investing: Domain name investing involves buying, selling, and leasing domain names (like or It can be lucrative, as domain names can be leased or sold for a profit (typically at $2,000 or more). To get an idea of how this business works, check out Squadhelp’s “domains for sale” search engine or DNAcademy.

Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a business model in which eCommerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to carry any inventory. When a store owner receives an order from a customer, they contact the supplier, who will ship the product directly to the customer’s door. Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business with little up-front investment, and it’s also perfect for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible, low-risk business model.

Freelance Writing: If you enjoy writing, you can make money by offering your services as a freelance writer. You can work from home and set your own hours. For more information on freelance writing, check out the “Freelance Writing Business Ideas” section below or Elna Cain’s WriteTo1K course.

Graphic Design: Graphic designers create visual content to communicate messages. Graphic design appears in various communication mediums, such as print, web, television, and film. To be successful, graphic designers must have a strong portfolio that showcases their skills and ability to meet client needs. They must also be able to market themselves effectively and build relationships with potential clients.

Lead Generation: Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers into leads, typically for sales or marketing. If you start a lead generation service, you can generate leads for clients and charge a fee in return. Some options for generating leads include LinkedIn messaging, generating organic traffic, and cold email outreach.

Naming Consultant: A naming consultant is a professional who helps companies and organizations choose names for their products, services, and businesses. Naming consultants use various methods to come up with names that are creative, memorable, and aligned with the client’s branding goals. To learn more about naming consultants, check out the websites of top naming agencies on Clutch.

Podcasting: Podcasting is a great way to earn money while sharing your interests and ideas with the world. After you get an audience, you can make money via sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Assuming you already own a computer, the startup costs are super affordable.

Sell Online Courses: If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic and enjoy teaching others, a great way to monetize it is by selling online courses. You can create a course on any topic, and many platforms make it easy to sell your courses. Creating a course takes time and effort, but after you make it, you can sell it repeatedly. Courses come at various price points, from $20 Udemy courses to $10,000+ courses with a one-on-one coaching component.

SEO Agency: SEO agencies help clients improve their visibility on search engines. They offer various services, such as content writing, building links on other websites, technical site audits, and keyword research. SEO agencies can make money through monthly retainers or on a project basis. Either way, SEO agencies aim to help their clients earn more search engine traffic, which can lead to more leads and sales.

Social Media Management: Most business owners often don’t have time to keep their social media platforms up-to-date, which is where a social media manager comes in. Social media managers typically develop strategies for content creation, engage with customers and followers, and monitor results. Social media management businesses usually make money by charging clients a monthly fee for their services.

Software Testing: Tons of companies are writing software today, and tons of bugs result from the software development process. Software testers come in to find those bugs and report them. Most software testers work for businesses or large QA agencies, but you can also work independently using freelance platforms like Upwork.

Subscription Boxes: Subscription boxes have become a popular way for people to receive products every month. These boxes can contain anything from clothes to gifts to food. The businesses make money by marking up the purchased products, then charging a monthly fee for the box. It’s possible to start it with limited investment, as you can create each box when an order comes in to pay for it.

Tech Support: Have you ever known someone who had a problem with a computer or a similar device? They might have hired a tech support business to fix their problem. Tech support businesses can help set up new devices, troubleshoot problems, and provide general advice. Tech support businesses can make money by charging an hourly rate or creating monthly and annual plans.

Video Production: Video production is the process of creating videos for clients. Some potential niches include creating commercials, shooting weddings, or creating “explainer” videos. To start a video production business, you will need field experience and access to the necessary equipment. You will also need to create a portfolio to showcase to potential clients.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants work as remote assistants to businesses and individuals. These services can range from administrative tasks, like scheduling appointments or managing emails, to more creative assignments, like social media marketing or web design. Because they don’t have the overhead costs of traditional office space, they can often offer their services at a lower rate than a traditional assistant. As a result, virtual assistant businesses can be very profitable.

Web Design Agency: A web design agency creates websites for clients. They usually create websites on WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix, but some agencies also offer custom web development. Web design agencies can charge on a per-project basis, or monthly to keep the website up-to-date and running smoothly. There are also numerous opportunities to enhance revenue with partnerships and affiliate marketing.

Web Development Agency: Web development and web design agencies have similar functions. The critical difference is that a web design agency is more focused on how things look, while a web development agency is more focused on how things work. There is plenty of overlap between the services, but starting a web development agency requires a coding background.

YouTube Channel: YouTube is competitive, but it can be highly profitable if you follow the right strategy. To start a YouTube channel, you only need a smartphone camera or screen recording software. After you upload videos, YouTube will help you monetize them with advertising. You can also monetize YouTube channels through sponsorships, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing. The more viewers you get, the more money you’ll make.

Home-Based Business Ideas

Bike Repair Business: Are you great at fixing bikes? You can start your own bike repair business with just a few tools and a little bit of knowledge. The simplest way to make money is by charging for services, but over time you can expand and offer bikes for sale, tours, and bike rentals. It’s important to pick a name that will allow you to expand your services over time.

Child Proofing Business: A child proofing business helps families make their homes safer for children. Typically, you’ll spend your time installing latches, gates, and knob covers. You can charge on an hourly basis, or on a per-project basis. Another idea is purchasing some of the products for clients, and then marking up the price to increase profits.

Christmas Light Installation Business: Many people want Christmas Lights, but don’t have the time or skill to set them up. Starting a Christmas light installation business will enable you to reach those clients and charge them a fee for the set up. For more elaborate displays, you can charge for an initial consultation. You can also charge maintenance fees for people who install the lights on a permanent basis.

Clothing Reseller: A clothing reseller is a business that buys clothing from other stores or individuals and then sells it to customers at a higher price. To start a clothing reseller business, you need to have a good knowledge of clothing brands, styles, and sizes. You also need to be able to find clothing at a low price. There are many ways to find clothing at a low cost, such as through garage sales, thrift stores, or online websites. Once you discover clothing at a low cost, you can sell it on your website or online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, or Poshmark.

Dog Grooming Business: Tons of people have dogs nowadays, so dog grooming can be a very profitable business. Some services you can offer include bathing, nail clipping, and fur trimming. It’s possible to get started for a low cost by providing services directly at the dog owner’s home. Eventually, you can lease your own space and have the customers come to you. As the pet industry continues to grow, dog grooming businesses are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Doula Business: Are you fascinated by pregnancies and births? If so, becoming a doula might be a great option. Doulas typically offer services such as emotional and physical support, assistance with medical decisions, and access to resources for postpartum care. Doula businesses make money through charging an hourly rate for providing these services. They may also offer different packages depending on the amount of service a family needs.

Drone Business: Drone photography businesses are becoming increasingly popular as technology develops. By using drones, photographers can capture images and footage from angles and perspectives that were previously impossible. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for marketing, advertising, and event coverage. Drone photography businesses typically make money by selling their services to clients who wish to use drone-captured imagery for their purposes. In addition, many drone photography businesses also sell stock photos and videos, allowing customers to purchase drone footage for their use.

Electronics Recycling Business: Recycling electronics is a great way to reduce waste, conserve resources, and protect the environment – and you can make money while doing it. One way to get electronics is by partnering with businesses or organizations that regularly upgrade their electronics (like schools, large corporations, and government agencies). You can charge a fee for the service, and sell components like gold, copper, and silver to manufacturers or other types of buyers.

Electronics Repair Business: If you are great at fixing electronics, starting an electronic repair business may be a good option. Some options include offering a mobile service, opening a kiosk in a mall, or contracting with an established service. Usually, you’ll want to provide a warranty on your repairs. You can specialize in a specific service, such as washer/dryer, motor, or iPhone screen repair.

English Teaching Business: A language teaching business has a simple goal – to help people learn languages! Teachers typically make money by charging a service fee, either by the hour or for a course/seminar. Depending on the size of the business, it might also generate revenue from other activities, such as selling materials and organizing events.

Etsy Shop: You’ve probably heard of Etsy, but if not, it’s an online marketplace for handmade, vintage, and other “unique items.” With Etsy, you can get access to their network of buyers, but will need to pay a commission on every sale.

Home Day Care Business: A home daycare business provides child care services to families in their home. These businesses are usually small, with the provider caring for a limited number of children. It can be a great idea if you already take care of your own children, as you’ll be able to make money while taking care of them each day.

Home Staging Business: A home staging business helps real estate agents and homeowners make their homes more presentable for sale. Typically, a home stager has an interior design background with interior design. Home staging can involve anything from decluttering and organizing the home to making largescale changes to the home’s decor. Home stagers typically charge by the hour or by the project, and they often work on multiple homes at a time. Given that home staging can increase the home’s sale price by tens of thousands of dollars, it can be a very profitable business.

House Cleaning: A house cleaning business is simple – charging customers to clean their homes. It’s super affordable to get started, as you likely have a lot of the equipment in your own home. You can clean the houses yourself, then start hiring other cleaners to work for your business.

Massage Therapy: If you have a background or certification in massage therapy, you can start a business providing massage services to clients. Massage therapists typically learn their trade through massage therapy school, although some may apprentice with a more experienced massage therapist. Massage therapists can work in various settings, including spas, chiropractic offices, and hospitals. Typically, massage therapists charge by the hour, and most massage sessions last for 60 minutes.

Professional Organizer: Do you like Marie Kondo? If so, you might be interested in starting a professional organizing business like her. You’ll help people better manage their environments, lifestyle, and schedule by decluttering, creating storage solutions, and implementing systems. Most organizers charge an initial consultation fee and an hourly rate for ongoing work. Usually, home organizing is a one-off transaction unless your client has multiple homes or businesses.

Senior Care Business: A senior care business provides care and assistance to older seniors. The business may provide transportation, meals, laundry, housekeeping, and personal care services like bathing and dressing. You can run your business directly at the senior’s home or contract with senior housing facilities or nursing homes. Senior care businesses make money by charging clients for their services. Some businesses may also receive reimbursements from government programs or private insurance companies.

Tour Guide: If you’re in a city that attracts tourists, you can start your own tour guide business. You can organize tours on your own or partner with a tour company that offers packages. Tour guides typically make money by charging a fee for their services and getting customer tips. You can also partner with local businesses such as restaurants, and they may pay you a fee for bringing customers to their establishment.

Tutoring Business: If you are knowledgeable in a specific area related to academics, you can open a tutoring business. You can charge an hourly rate for your services or offer packages for students who want to purchase in bulk. It’s possible to run the business in your own home, go to your client’s home, or partner with an established franchise like Kumon or Mathnasium.

Freelance Writing Business Ideas

Starting your own freelance writing business is a great way to make money from home. You can work as much or as little as you want and choose your clients.

One of the best ways to get started is by picking a niche. By selecting a niche, you can act as a specialist and command higher rates than a pure generalist. I do this with Jumpcoast’s SEO content writing service, focusing only on creating optimized content for search engines.

Within each niche, you also have the option of picking an industry. For example, you can pick case study writing as a niche, and specialize in working with software as a service (SaaS) companies.

If you’re interested in freelance writing, I highly recommend Elna Cain’s $195 WriteTo1K course. I purchased her course myself, and the content is fantastic. It also has a great community of freelance writers if you want to connect with others or ask questions.

Here’s a list of popular freelance writing niches:

SEO Content Writing: If you have a strong grasp of SEO and content creation, you can create SEO-optimized blog posts. To learn more about this niche, check out our SEO content writing service page.

Article Writing: Write articles that are more journalistic in nature. These might require interviews or in-depth research. It’s typical of what you’d see in a newspaper or magazine.

B2B Writing: B2B stands for “Business to Business.” With B2B writing, you create content for businesses looking to sell to other businesses.

Copywriting: Business owners want to create content that makes them money. As a copywriter, you can write engaging copy that helps turn prospects into leads or buyers.

Copyediting: Writers sometimes need a second pair of eyes on their content, or complete content re-writes. Copyediting can include grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and more. I offer an SEO-focused copyediting service – feel free to click the link if you want to learn more about it.

Case Study Writing: Case study writing helps potential customers learn more about how a product or service has worked for another company. They’re typically used as a marketing tool to increase leads or sales.

Curriculum Writing: Write curriculums for educators or online course creators.

eBook Writing: Write in-depth eBooks for yourself or clients.

Ghostwriting: With ghostwriting, you’ll write for clients in the background. When the final product is completed, it will be as if they wrote it themselves.

Grant Writing: Create research proposals to get funding from government agencies or other grant-issuing organizations.

Press Release Writing: When launching a new product or service, businesses may want to announce it to the world by creating a press release. Press release writing involves creating and framing those press releases so journalists and customers are interested in the product or service.

Resume Writing: Help job-seekers write better resumes for their job search.

Social Media Writing: Create social media posts and content.

Technical Writing: Write how-to and help documents in technical niches, such as software as a service. Typically, technical writers have a background in the niche they are writing in, such as coding or web design.

Website Content Writing: Write copy for a company’s core website pages. Examples of what you can write include service pages, about pages, FAQ pages, product description pages, and more.

White Paper Writing: White papers are similar to case studies but more intensive. White paper writing is a lucrative business, but the content is usually pretty academic and informative.

Business Ideas for Beginners

Airbnb Host: Becoming an Airbnb host can be a great way to make extra money. You can list your space and set a price, then rent it out to paying guests when you’re not using it. One excellent option is to rent your home as an Airbnb and go on vacation yourself, which will heavily subsidize your vacation cost.

Carsharing: If you’re interested in renting your vehicle, you can sign up for a car-sharing service. One great way to get started is by signing up for Turo, which can be described as “Airbnb for Cars.”

Cleaning Business: If you’re known for your cleanliness, you can monetize that skill by becoming a house cleaner! This is an excellent business if you want recurring income, as clients will typically hire you to come bi-weekly or monthly. Eventually, you can grow the company to have a team of cleaners working for you.

Complete Surveys: There are many paid online survey sites, including Google Opinion Awards and To learn more, try searching on Google for a term like “complete surveys and make money.”

Courier Business: Courier services charge individuals or companies for the delivery of their packages and documents. Most documents handled by a courier service are important, so you’ll want to get insurance to cover potential liability. Otherwise, the process is simple and similar to other delivery businesses.

Crowdsourcing Brand Names: If you love naming things, you can crowdsource brand names for companies like Squadhelp and Crowdspring. One caveat with starting this business is that you might do a lot of work for little pay. For example, Crowdspring pays $200 to the winner of a contest with 100 names, meaning each name is worth $2 on average. If you’re good at it and can send off names quickly, you’ll probably be able to make more than $2 for each submission.

Delivery Business: In today’s age of eCommerce, delivery businesses have become increasingly popular. You can pick up goods from suppliers, then transport them to their destination. Companies like Amazon have delivery service partner programs and market them as being able to grow your own business.

Dog Walking Business: If you love dogs, you can make money by starting a dog walking business. This business has high recurring income potential, as busy owners typically need their pets walked daily.

DoorDash Driver: If you want to pick up takeout and groceries for clients, you can make some extra money by becoming a DoorDash driver. DoorDash is a better option than Uber (mentioned below) for introverts, as you’ll only interact with people during the pickup and dropoff.

Handyman Business: If you’re good at fixing things (I’m not), you can start a handyman business. You can focus on assembling difficult items that clients purchase, making minor home repairs, or all of the above. Handyman businesses have strong recurring revenue potential, as clients typically return to the same handyman repeatedly.

Medical Transcription Business: Medical transcriptionists transcribe voice recordings from physicians and other healthcare workers. Transcriptionists are super important to medical providers in creating medical records and billing insurers. To be successful in this business, you’ll need to

Personal Shopper: If you have a strong sense of style, you can try personal shopping for clients. Many people don’t understand their style well, so you can help them by providing fashionable options that meet their needs. As you gain experience, you can apply to work as a personal shopper in stores like Bloomingdale’s or Bergdorf Goodman.

Pet Sitting Business: As a pet sitter, you take care of animals in their homes or your home. You can combine this with a house-sitting business when clients go on vacation. Packages are flexible – some people may want you to be there the whole day, while others may want check-ins to ensure their pets are fed and doing well.

Starting a Podcast: If you want to connect with an audience, podcasting can be a great way to make extra income. There are plenty of options to monetize a podcast, such as subscriptions, sponsorships, merchandising, and exclusive episodes.

Translation Business: If you’re fluent in two languages, you can help clients translate their documents or content into different languages.

Uber or Lyft Driver: If you like driving and conversation, becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is a great way to make money. You can set your schedule and earn wherever you are, even if you’re on vacation! All you need is a car in good condition and to complete Uber and Lyft’s account activation process.

Voiceover Business: If people tell you your voice belongs on the radio, consider starting a voiceover business.  To get started, you need basic recording equipment and a website to showcase your portfolio. The interview process can be super easy – after the clients hear your voice, they’ll get most of what they need to know!

Accounting & Bookkeeping Business Ideas

  1. Accounting and bookkeeping blogger
  2. Accounting coach
  3. Accounting software implementation
  4. Accounts payable and accounts receivable management
  5. Becoming an IRS Enrolled Agent
  6. Bookkeeping service
  7. Budgeting and forecasting
  8. Business tax planning and compliance
  9. Credit repair business
  10. Financial analysis and financial modeling
  11. Financial statement preparation
  12. Forensic accounting business
  13. Internal auditor
  14. Online payment service
  15. Payroll processing
  16. QuickBooks training and support
  17. Risk management consulting business
  18. Selling financial models and accounting templates
  19. Separating personal and business finances for tax time
  20. SOX compliance business

Agriculture Business Ideas

  1. Agriculture/farm life blog
  2. Agri-tourism business
  3. Agroforestry business
  4. Alpaca farm
  5. Beef farm/cattle ranch
  6. Beekeeping business
  7. Bison farm
  8. Camel farm
  9. Clam farm
  10. Composting facility
  11. Crab farm
  12. Dairy farm
  13. Deer farm
  14. Ecofriendly fertilizer production
  15. Egg farm
  16. Elk farm
  17. Emu farm
  18. Exotic animal farm
  19. Farm equipment sales, rentals, and leasing
  20. Farm-based animal grooming or boarding business
  21. Farm-based B&B or vacation rental. (I hear there’s a good one in Scranton, PA.)
  22. Farm-based consulting or coaching business
  23. Farm-based event venue
  24. Farm-based financial planning or insurance business
  25. Farm-based membership or subscription service (such as a farm box delivery service)
  26. Farm-based product business (such as making jams, jellies, or pickles)
  27. Farm-based retail store
  28. Farm-based retreat or wellness center
  29. Farmers’ market stand
  30. Fish farm
  31. Floral arrangement service
  32. Flower farm or floristry business
  33. Fruit orchard or fruit farm
  34. Goat farm
  35. Grain farm
  36. Greenhouse or hydroponics business
  37. Herb or spice farm
  38. Hobby farm
  39. Horse boarding stable
  40. Livestock auction house
  41. Livestock feedlots
  42. Llama farm
  43. Lobster farm
  44. Mushroom farm
  45. Organic farm
  46. Ostrich farm
  47. Oyster farm
  48. Pig farm
  49. Plant nursery
  50. Poultry farm
  51. Poultry hatchery
  52. Quail farm
  53. Seed production
  54. Sheep farm
  55. Shrimp farm
  56. Silkworm farm
  57. Sustainable agriculture consulting
  58. Tree farming or forestry business
  59. Turkey farm
  60. Vegetable farm
  61. Winery or vineyard

Automotive Business Ideas

  1. Auto body shop
  2. Auto customization business
  3. Auto detailing
  4. Auto paint supply store
  5. Auto repair shop
  6. Auto salvage yard
  7. Boat and watercraft repair shop
  8. Brake installation and repair service
  9. Car accessory store
  10. Car audio installation service
  11. Car dealership
  12. Car financing and loan company
  13. Car insurance agency
  14. Car leasing company
  15. Car parts supplier
  16. Car rental service
  17. Car storage facility
  18. Car upholstery repair service
  19. Car wash
  20. Car window tinting service
  21. Car wrapping service
  22. EV charging station installation and maintenance business
  23. Exhaust system muffler shop
  24. Exotic car rental service
  25. Fleet maintenance and management service
  26. Junk car removal
  27. Mobile car washing service
  28. Mobile mechanic service
  29. Mobile oil change service
  30. Motorcycle repair and customization shop
  31. OEM replacement parts store
  32. Off-road equipment retailer
  33. Online car seller
  34. Parts disassembler/recycler
  35. Performance tuning shop
  36. Providing emergency roadside assistance
  37. Racing performance parts and services business
  38. Refurbishing and restoring classic cars
  39. RV and camper repair and maintenance service
  40. Tire center
  41. Transportation and logistics company
  42. Used car dealership

Art Business Ideas

  1. Art appraisal
  2. Art blogging
  3. Art consulting
  4. Art education
  5. Art events planning
  6. Art gallery ownership
  7. Art installation
  8. Art licensing
  9. Art storage and preservation
  10. Custom framing
  11. Digital art creation and sales
  12. Event photography
  13. Fine art printing
  14. Graphic design
  15. Illustration
  16. Interior design
  17. Mural painting
  18. Online art sales
  19. Original art commissions
  20. Public art management
  21. Sculpture creation and sales
  22. Set design
  23. Special effects makeup
  24. Textile design
  25. Virtual art tours
  26. Web design for artists

Baby & Kid Business Ideas

  1. Baby food production
  2. Baby gear rental service
  3. Baby or mom blog
  4. Babysitting agency
  5. Children’s app development
  6. Children’s book publishing
  7. Children’s clothing boutique
  8. Children’s fitness center
  9. Children’s furniture manufacturing
  10. Children’s gardening classes
  11. Children’s hair salon or barber
  12. Children’s language classes
  13. Children’s party planning and entertainment
  14. Children’s photography business.
  15. Children’s podcast
  16. Children’s theater group
  17. Children’s therapy services (e.g., speech therapy, occupational therapy)
  18. Daycare center
  19. Indoor playground
  20. Kids’ art classes
  21. Kids’ coding classes
  22. Kids’ cooking blog or YouTube channel
  23. Kids’ cooking classes
  24. Kids’ dance classes
  25. Kids’ educational game development
  26. Kids’ science classes
  27. Kids’ self-defense classes
  28. Kids’ subscription box service
  29. Music lessons for children
  30. Pregnancy and childbirth education classes
  31. Toy store

Care Business Ideas

  1. Addiction treatment center
  2. Adult day care facility
  3. Alzheimer’s support group
  4. Anticipatory grief counseling
  5. Assisted living facility
  6. Continuing care retirement community (CCRC)
  7. Elder financial consultation
  8. Fall prevention programs
  9. Gardening and landscaping service for seniors
  10. Geriatric case management services
  11. Grocery shopping assistance
  12. Health insurance consulting
  13. Home automation design
  14. Home cleaning and organization service for seniors
  15. Home health care agency
  16. Home medical equipment store
  17. Home safety assessment and modification service
  18. Hospice care service
  19. Independent living facility
  20. In-home personal care service for seniors
  21. In-home pet care service for seniors
  22. Laundry and errand service for seniors
  23. Live-in caregiver
  24. Massage therapy business
  25. Medical billing and coding service
  26. Medical equipment supply company
  27. Medical spa
  28. Medical transportation company
  29. Medication management service for seniors
  30. Memory care facility
  31. Memory enhancement classes
  32. Nutrition counseling/coaching
  33. Pharmacy delivery service
  34. Professional nursing agency
  35. Respite care service
  36. Senior activity center
  37. Senior companion services
  38. Senior financial planning and management service
  39. Senior fitness and wellness program
  40. Senior meal delivery service
  41. Senior relocation and downsizing service
  42. Senior technology support and training service
  43. Skilled nursing facility (SNF)
  44. Telemedicine platform for seniors
  45. Virtual social engagement platform

Coffee & Café Business Ideas

  1. Café combined with clothing boutique
  2. Cappuccino bar
  3. Coffee / café food truck business
  4. Coffee bar for offices/schools/universities
  5. Coffee bean subscription service (like Bean Box)
  6. Coffee cart
  7. Coffee delivery service
  8. Coffee kiosk
  9. Drive through coffee stand
  10. Home-based coffee roasting business
  11. Mobile coffee business
  12. Organic coffee cafe
  13. Popup cafe
  14. Private-label coffee company
  15. Roastery and tasting room
  16. Rural cafe
  17. Specialty coffee shop
  18. Specialty roasted beans retailer
  19. Standard coffee shop
  20. Tea room
  21. Weekend coffee truck

Cleaning Business Ideas

  1. 24-hour emergency cleaning service
  2. Air duct cleaning
  3. Airport cleaning service
  4. Blinds, shades, and drapery cleaning
  5. Boat and yacht cleaning services
  6. Carpet and upholstery cleaning service
  7. Commercial cleaning service
  8. Construction site cleanup service
  9. Disaster restoration service
  10. Event cleaning services
  11. Floor polishing and refinishing
  12. Fumigation service
  13. Gutter installation
  14. Home organization and decluttering services
  15. Hot tub maintenance service
  16. Hotel cleaning services
  17. HVAC cleaning service
  18. Industrial facility cleaning service
  19. Janitorial services
  20. Medical facility cleaning services
  21. Mold remediation
  22. Odor removal service
  23. Office cleaning service
  24. Pest control services
  25. Pet cleaning service
  26. Pool maintenance service
  27. Pressure washing service
  28. Residential / home cleaning service
  29. Restaurant cleaning service
  30. Spa and salon cleaning service
  31. Stadium and arena cleaning services
  32. Tile and grout cleaning and sealing
  33. Upholstery and fabric cleaning
  34. Wallpaper removal service
  35. Window cleaning service

Coaching Business Ideas

If you go on Instagram, you’ll find a coach for everything, from healthy eating to toddler behavior coaches. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of coaching businesses:

  1. Academic coaching
  2. Acupuncture coaching
  3. Addiction coaching
  4. Aromatherapy coaching
  5. Art and design coaching
  6. Business coaching
  7. Career coaching
  8. Communication coaching
  9. Confidence coaching
  10. Creativity coaching
  11. Executive coaching
  12. Fitness coaching
  13. Health and wellness coaching
  14. Healthy eating coach
  15. High-performance coaching
  16. Holistic health coaching
  17. Leadership coaching
  18. Life coaching
  19. Lifestyle coaching
  20. Marriage and relationship coaching
  21. Mental health coaching
  22. Mindfulness coaching
  23. Motivational coaching
  24. Nutrition coaching
  25. Nutritional therapy coaching
  26. Parenting coaching
  27. Personal development coaching
  28. Public speaking coaching
  29. Sales coaching
  30. Sports coaching
  31. Stress management coaching
  32. Study skills coaching
  33. Success coaching
  34. Time management coaching
  35. Transition coaching
  36. Weight loss coaching
  37. Wellness coaching
  38. Writing coaching
  39. Youth coaching

Creative Business Ideas

  1. Acupuncture practice
  2. Art therapy practice
  3. Audio engineering and music production
  4. Bed and breakfast
  5. Boutique hotel
  6. Children’s party planning
  7. Clothing design and production
  8. Community garden and farm stand
  9. Consignment shop
  10. Cooking school
  11. Etsy shop
  12. Floral design
  13. Hair salon (mobile or in-person)
  14. Home cleaning and organization services
  15. Home decorating
  16. Home staging
  17. Landscaping and gardening
  18. Massage therapy
  19. Nail salon
  20. Personalized gift and novelty shop
  21. Social media management
  22. Talent agency
  23. Teaching studio
  24. Travel agency
  25. Used book store

Delivery Business Ideas

  1. Amazon delivery business
  2. Appliance delivery and installation business
  3. Automobile towing
  4. Baby product rental home-delivery
  5. Bicycle courier
  6. Corporate gift delivery service
  7. Courier service
  8. Flower delivery service
  9. Furniture delivery and assembly service
  10. Garden supply and plant delivery service
  11. Gourmet food and ingredient delivery service
  12. Grocery delivery service
  13. Laundry and dry cleaning delivery
  14. Meal prep delivery service
  15. Medical supply/medicine delivery services
  16. Trash removal service

Design Business Ideas

  1. 3D printing design and services
  2. Architectural design
  3. Branding and identity design
  4. Clothing and fashion design
  5. Commercial interior design
  6. Computer-aided design (CAD) services
  7. Concept art
  8. Corporate event design
  9. Exhibition design
  10. Game design
  11. Graphic design
  12. Illustration
  13. Industrial design
  14. Interior design
  15. Landscape design
  16. Lighting design
  17. Logo design
  18. Packaging design
  19. Photography
  20. Product design
  21. Set design
  22. Sound design
  23. Space planning
  24. Technical illustration
  25. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design
  26. Vehicle design
  27. Visual merchandising
  28. Web design
  29. Window display design

Drone Business Ideas

  1. Cell tower inspections
  2. Crowd surveillance
  3. Drone data analysis
  4. Drone delivery service
  5. Drone flight training school
  6. Drone inspection service
  7. Drone insurance brokerage
  8. Drone maintenance and repair service
  9. Drone manufacturing
  10. Drone mapping and surveying service
  11. Drone photography and videography
  12. Drone racing events
  13. Drone rental service
  14. Drone-based advertising and marketing campaigns
  15. Drone-based construction site monitoring and analysis
  16. Drone-based crop monitoring and analysis
  17. Drone-based data center and infrastructure inspections
  18. Drone-based disaster response and recovery operations
  19. Drone-based environmental monitoring and analysis
  20. Drone-based event coverage (e.g., weddings, concerts, sporting events)
  21. Drone-based forestry and environmental monitoring
  22. Drone-based research and development
  23. Drone-based search and rescue operations
  24. Drone-based security and surveillance
  25. Drone-based shipping and logistics
  26. Drone-based traffic monitoring and analysis
  27. Drone-based weather data collection
  28. Drone-based wildlife monitoring and conservation
  29. Emergency disaster response
  30. Environmental monitoring
  31. Film and television location scouting
  32. Film production assistance
  33. Forest fire detection and prevention
  34. Law enforcement support
  35. Real estate photography/videography
  36. Roof inspections
  37. Search and rescue missions
  38. Utility/power line inspection
  39. Wildlife habitat surveys

Ecommerce Business Ideas

  1. Art and craft supply store
  2. Artisanal food products
  3. Baby and children’s clothing store
  4. Beauty salon supply store
  5. Bed and bath store
  6. Book store
  7. Car and auto parts store
  8. Coffee and tea shop
  9. Comic book and collectible seller
  10. Custom print shop
  11. Designer apparel outlet
  12. Digital reseller (eBooks, software, online courses, etc.)
  13. Educational toys and games
  14. Electronics store
  15. Exotic meat store
  16. Flower and plant shop
  17. Garden and outdoor living store
  18. Gift and novelty shop
  19. Gift basket and specialty food store
  20. Handmade crafts store
  21. Health food store
  22. Home appliance store
  23. Home decor and furniture store
  24. Home office supply store
  25. Jewelry store
  26. Kitchen and cookware store
  27. Luxury automobile marketplace
  28. Luxury goods boutique
  29. Music equipment store
  30. Niche collectibles
  31. Online auto parts supplier
  32. Online clothing store
  33. Organic and natural products store
  34. Outdoor gear and adventure store
  35. Pet supply store
  36. Secondhand marketplace
  37. Shoe store
  38. Sporting goods store
  39. Sports memorabilia retailer
  40. Subscription box service
  41. Toy store
  42. Vintage and antique items store

Education Business Ideas

  1. After-school program administrator
  2. Arts and crafts classes
  3. Campus bookstore
  4. Career counseling service
  5. College admissions consultant
  6. Continuing education provider
  7. Early childhood education center
  8. EdTech company
  9. Education blogger
  10. Education counseling services
  11. Educational book publishing company
  12. Educational consulting firm
  13. Educational publishing company
  14. Educational technology company
  15. Educational tour operator
  16. Educational toy or game company
  17. Executive education program
  18. International education consulting
  19. Language school/tutoring
  20. Mobile learning app developer
  21. Mobile tutoring service
  22. Online educational courses/platforms
  23. Online lecture series
  24. Professional development training provider
  25. School sports programs
  26. Special needs education center
  27. Specialty class provider
  28. Student organization support
  29. Student travel agency
  30. Study abroad consulting
  31. Test prep services
  32. Textbook rental service
  33. Tutoring center

Entertainment Business Ideas

  1. Acting school
  2. Amusement park
  3. Animation services
  4. Arcade/family entertainment center
  5. Art gallery
  6. Board game cafe
  7. Circus
  8. Concert promoter/event planner
  9. Dance studio
  10. Escape room
  11. Entertainment blogger
  12. Film production company
  13. Ice skating rink
  14. Improv theater
  15. Independent film production company
  16. Indoor trampoline park
  17. Karaoke business
  18. Live music venue
  19. Magic show
  20. Mobile DJ service
  21. Movie theater
  22. Museum
  23. Music lessons
  24. Music production/recording studio
  25. Music school
  26. Online streaming platforms
  27. Paint and sip studio
  28. Party entertainment company (e.g., face painting, balloon animals)
  29. Party rental business
  30. Performance venue
  31. Photography studio
  32. Pottery studio
  33. Standup comedy club
  34. Talent agency
  35. Theater
  36. TV and radio production company
  37. Video editing services
  38. Video game development
  39. Virtual reality arcade
  40. Water park
  41. Zoo or aquarium

Event Planning Business Ideas

  1. Art showcases & concerts
  2. Community event planning
  3. Corporate event planning
  4. Event app development and management
  5. Event catering and food services
  6. Event design and decoration
  7. Event entertainment and talent booking
  8. Event fundraising
  9. Event insurance
  10. Event management software development
  11. Event marketing and promotion
  12. Event photography and videography
  13. Event planning blog
  14. Event production
  15. Event registration and ticketing
  16. Event security and crowd management
  17. Event staffing and personnel
  18. Event sustainability and green initiatives
  19. Event technology and av services
  20. Event transportation and logistics
  21. Festival and fair planning
  22. Fundraisers and nonprofit event planning
  23. Gala and award ceremony planning
  24. Nonprofit event planning
  25. Planning baby showers
  26. Planning conferences, seminars, and symposiums
  27. Planning family reunions
  28. Quinceañeras/sweet 16s
  29. Sports event planning
  30. Team building activity planning
  31. Trade show management
  32. Trade show planning
  33. Wedding and anniversary planning

Finance Business Ideas

  1. Accounting and tax preparation services
  2. Accounting firms
  3. Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related services
  4. Bookkeeping services
  5. Business valuations
  6. Commercial and residential lending
  7. Commercial lending
  8. Consumer finance and lending
  9. Corporate and municipal bond trading
  10. Corporate finance and restructuring
  11. Corporate financial training and education
  12. Corporate treasury and cash management
  13. Credit and lending services
  14. Credit card processing
  15. Credit repair and debt consolidation services
  16. Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (p2p) lending
  17. Crowdfunding platforms
  18. Financial analysis and research
  19. Financial consulting and advisory services
  20. Financial data and analytics
  21. Financial literacy education and coaching
  22. Financial modeling and forecasting
  23. Financial planning
  24. Financial planning and wealth management
  25. Financial risk management
  26. Financial software development and licensing
  27. Financial technology (fintech) development and consulting
  28. Financial translation and localization services
  29. Financial translation and localization services
  30. Hedge fund management
  31. Insurance brokerage/agency
  32. Insurance sales and brokerage
  33. Investment banking
  34. Investment banking and advisory services
  35. Mobile payment apps
  36. Money transfer services
  37. Mortgage brokerage and origination
  38. Payroll and employee benefits management
  39. Payroll solutions
  40. Personal finance management and budgeting
  41. Private equity firm
  42. Real estate investment and development
  43. Retirement plan consultancy
  44. Retirement planning and 401(k) management
  45. Robo-advisory services
  46. Stock trading platforms
  47. Tax preparation and advice
  48. Venture capital and private equity
  49. Wealth management

Fitness Business Ideas

  1. Acrobatics classes
  2. Adventure and wilderness fitness programs
  3. Aerial fitness classes
  4. Animal-assisted fitness programs and classes
  5. Aqua aerobics and water fitness classes
  6. Balance and coordination training classes
  7. Barre and ballet-inspired fitness classes
  8. Body composition and metabolic testing services
  9. Boot camps and outdoor fitness classes
  10. Calisthenics and bodyweight training classes
  11. Children’s fitness classes and camps
  12. Corporate wellness programs and workshops
  13. Creating fitness DVDs
  14. Creating fitness equipment
  15. CrossFit and functional fitness training
  16. Dance and Zumba classes
  17. Fitness app development and consulting
  18. Fitness blogging
  19. Fitness equipment financing
  20. Fitness equipment sales and service
  21. Functional movement and mobility training
  22. Group fitness classes
  23. Gymnastics classes
  24. Health and fitness retreats and workshops
  25. Hiking and backpacking trips
  26. Hula hooping and circus fitness classes
  27. Ice skating classes
  28. Indoor cycling and spin classes
  29. Kayaking and paddleboarding classes
  30. Kickboxing and boxing classes
  31. Lifestyle and habit coaching
  32. Martial arts and self-defense classes
  33. Nutrition counseling and meal planning
  34. Online fitness classes
  35. Online fitness coaching
  36. Opening a general-purpose gym
  37. Personal training and coaching
  38. Physical therapy and rehabilitation services
  39. Pilates studio
  40. Prenatal and postpartum fitness classes
  41. Rock climbing gym
  42. Running clubs and coaching
  43. Senior fitness and fall prevention classes
  44. Ski and snowboard fitness programs
  45. Sports-specific training and coaching
  46. Surf fitness and ocean swimming classes
  47. Swimming and aquatics classes
  48. TRX classes
  49. Weightlifting and powerlifting training

Food Business Ideas

  1. Bagelry
  2. Bakery café
  3. Bistro
  4. Burger joint
  5. Catering business
  6. Child-friendly restaurant
  7. Chocolate shop
  8. Craft brewery or taproom
  9. Cupcake shop
  10. Deli
  11. Ethnic food store
  12. Family dining restaurant
  13. Farm-to-table restaurant
  14. Food blog or food-related social media platform
  15. Food photography and styling service
  16. Food processing and packaging business
  17. Food tour company
  18. Food truck
  19. Food waste reduction consulting and education business
  20. Fruit and vegetable stand
  21. Gluten-free bakery, restaurant, or café
  22. Gourmet food gift basket business
  23. Ice cream shop
  24. Korean BBQ
  25. Meal planning service
  26. Mediterranean restaurant
  27. Mobile event bartending service
  28. Opening a stand at a farmer’s market
  29. Personal chef service
  30. Pizza parlor
  31. Plant-based or vegan food products
  32. Popcorn station
  33. Pop-up restaurant
  34. Recipe development and testing service
  35. Shaved ice shop
  36. Smoothie and juice bar
  37. Spanish tapas bar
  38. Specialty food store
  39. Standard restaurant
  40. Sushi restaurant
  41. Virtual cooking classes or workshops
  42. Wine bar

Furniture Business Ideas

  1. Antique furniture restoration and repair
  2. Bespoke furniture design
  3. Commercial furniture sales and leasing
  4. Custom upholstery and reupholstery services
  5. Furniture refinishing
  6. Furniture rental and leasing
  7. Furniture restoration and repair
  8. Home consignment store
  9. Home staging and interior design
  10. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry design and installation
  11. Mattress sales and manufacturing
  12. Outdoor furniture design and production
  13. Recycled and repurposed furniture design and production
  14. Refurbished furniture sales
  15. Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture design and production
  16. Upholstery fabric and supply sales
  17. Used furniture sales
  18. Vintage furniture sales
  19. Wall units and built-in furniture design and installation
  20. Window treatments and blinds sales and installation
  21. Woodworking and custom carpentry services

Green Business Ideas

Many business ideas on this list can be made green. For example, you can offer a green construction business or a line of green cleaning products. Here are some common green business ideas:

  1. Agriculture and farming
  2. Aquaculture and sustainable seafood production
  3. Biodiesel production and distribution
  4. Clean energy production and distribution
  5. Composting and waste reduction
  6. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure development
  7. Environmental consulting
  8. Ethical and sustainable fashion design
  9. Green building materials manufacturing and distribution
  10. Green cleaning products and services
  11. Green event planning and management
  12. Green home and office furniture design
  13. Green mattress business
  14. Green public transportation advocacy and planning
  15. Green transportation services
  16. Home energy audits and retrofitting
  17. Landscaping and urban gardening
  18. Local and organic food production and distribution
  19. Natural and organic skincare and beauty products
  20. Organic food production
  21. Recycling and waste disposal services
  22. Renewable energy financing and investment
  23. Sustainable agriculture education and training
  24. Sustainable packaging and shipping solutions
  25. Sustainable tourism and travel planning
  26. Water conservation and management
  27. Wildflower and native plant nurseries
  28. Wind energy production and distribution
  29. Zero-waste and low-waste lifestyle products and services

Insurance Business Ideas

Insurance is a super profitable field, as insurers pay much less than they collect in premiums. It typically requires a heavy investment in marketing. Think of all the Allstate and State Farm ads you see when watching sporting events.

Here’s a list of insurance business ideas. We included various types of insurance, as well as some general ideas.

  1. Actors and performers insurance
  2. Adventure sports insurance
  3. Aerospace insurance
  4. Animal liability insurance
  5. Aquatic sports insurance
  6. At-home business insurance
  7. Auto insurance
  8. Aviation insurance
  9. Bicycle insurance
  10. Boat insurance
  11. Business insurance
  12. Cargo insurance
  13. Childcare insurance
  14. Commercial property insurance
  15. Construction insurance
  16. Cyber liability insurance
  17. Directors and officers insurance
  18. Disability insurance
  19. Drone insurance
  20. Employment practices liability insurance
  21. Entertainment insurance
  22. Environmental insurance
  23. Equestrian insurance
  24. Errors and omissions insurance
  25. Exhibition insurance
  26. Exotic pet insurance
  27. Extra expense insurance
  28. Farm and ranch insurance
  29. Film and TV production insurance
  30. Fine art insurance
  31. Fishing boat insurance
  32. Flood insurance
  33. Golf course insurance
  34. Group health insurance
  35. Growers insurance
  36. Health club insurance
  37. Health insurance
  38. Home health care insurance
  39. Home insurance
  40. Hospitality insurance
  41. Hunting and fishing guide insurance
  42. Identity theft insurance
  43. Inland marine insurance
  44. Insurance broker
  45. Insurance for wedding planners
  46. Insurance quote comparison portal
  47. Landlord insurance
  48. Legal insurance
  49. Life insurance
  50. Livestock insurance
  51. Long-term care insurance
  52. Malpractice insurance
  53. Marine insurance
  54. Medical malpractice insurance
  55. Motor trade insurance
  56. Motorcycle insurance
  57. Office insurance
  58. Offshore insurance
  59. Personal accident insurance
  60. Personal liability insurance
  61. Pet insurance
  62. Private medical insurance
  63. Professional liability insurance
  64. Pub and restaurant insurance
  65. Public liability insurance
  66. Renters insurance
  67. Restaurant insurance
  68. Risk management insurance
  69. RV insurance
  70. Self-storage insurance
  71. Senior health insurance
  72. Sports event insurance
  73. Student insurance
  74. Technology insurance
  75. Trade credit insurance
  76. Transportation insurance
  77. Travel insurance
  78. Umbrella insurance
  79. Valuable property insurance
  80. Vehicle insurance
  81. Wedding insurance
  82. Wildfire insurance
  83. Workers’ compensation insurance
  84. Yacht insurance

Jewelry Business Ideas

  1. Custom jewelry design and creation
  2. Diamond grading and certification
  3. Diamond trading
  4. Fine jewelry repair and restoration
  5. Handmade jewelry design and creation
  6. Industrial jewelry production
  7. Jewelry appraisal
  8. Jewelry cleaning and maintenance services
  9. Jewelry consulting
  10. Jewelry education
  11. Jewelry financing and loans
  12. Jewelry insurance
  13. Jewelry photography
  14. Jewelry rental
  15. Opening a jewelry store
  16. Online jewelry sales
  17. Vintage jewelry sales
  18. Wedding and engagement ring sales

Landscaping Business Ideas

Need help starting a landscaping business? Check out these free resources!

  1. Landscape Business Name Generator
  2. How to Start a Landscaping Business: The Complete Guide

Here’s a list of landscaping business ideas:

  1. Deck and patio construction and repair
  2. Dog run construction and design
  3. Eco-friendly landscaping
  4. Fence installation and repair
  5. Fertilization and pest control
  6. Garden bed design and installation
  7. Garden design and maintenance
  8. Green roof installation and maintenance
  9. Hardscaping, including patios, walkways, and retaining walls
  10. Irrigation systems installation and repair
  11. Landscape business blog
  12. Landscape cleanup and debris removal
  13. Landscape consultations and advice
  14. Landscape design and installation
  15. Landscape education and workshops
  16. Landscape photo blog
  17. Landscape photography and videography
  18. Landscape renovations and makeovers
  19. Landscape-themed gifts and merchandise
  20. Lawn care and maintenance
  21. Native and drought-resistant plantings
  22. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
  23. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces
  24. Outdoor lighting design and installation
  25. Pergola and trellis construction
  26. Playground design and installation
  27. Rainwater harvesting and greywater systems
  28. Seasonal color and plantings
  29. Sod installation and repair
  30. Tree and shrub care, including pruning and removal
  31. Treehouse design and construction
  32. Water feature design and installation, including ponds and fountains

Marketing Business Ideas

Marketing is an enormous field with a ton of businesses. You can go broad or get highly specialized – for example, you can focus on lead generation for photography businesses.

  1. Account-based marketing
  2. Advertising agency
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Ai marketing
  5. Amazon marketing
  6. Augmented reality marketing
  7. B2B marketing
  8. Blogging
  9. Brand activism
  10. Branding and identity development
  11. Chatbot marketing
  12. Consulting for bootstrappers
  13. Content creation
  14. Content marketing
  15. Conversion rate optimization
  16. Copywriting
  17. Creative direction
  18. Customer relationship management
  19. Design / UX consulting
  20. Digital marketing
  21. Direct marketing
  22. Display advertising
  23. E-commerce marketing
  24. Email marketing
  25. Event marketing
  26. Facebook ads consultant
  27. Fundraising advice
  28. Gamification marketing
  29. Go-to-market strategy consulting
  30. Growth hacking
  31. Idea validation
  32. Inbound marketing
  33. Influencer marketing & outreach
  34. Integrated marketing communications
  35. Interactive content marketing
  36. Link building agency
  37. LinkedIn ads consulting
  38. Local search marketing
  39. Market research
  40. Marketing automation
  41. Micro-influencer marketing
  42. Mobile marketing and advertising
  43. Native advertising
  44. Niche marketing
  45. No-code development
  46. Online lead generation
  47. Online reputation management
  48. Online surveys
  49. Outreach marketing
  50. Outdoor advertising
  51. Personal branding
  52. Podcast marketing
  53. PPC marketing
  54. Public relations
  55. Quora ads consultant
  56. Reddit ads consultant
  57. Sales funnels
  58. Search engine marketing
  59. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  60. Social media marketing
  61. Sponsorship marketing
  62. Strategic planning
  63. Target market research
  64. Twitter ads consultant
  65. User research
  66. Video marketing
  67. Viral marketing

Music Business Ideas

Do you love music or have a talent as a singer or musician? If so, there are a lot of options within the music industry.

  1. Album production and distribution
  2. Artist management
  3. Audio engineering and production
  4. Becoming a professional singer
  5. Composing and arranging music for film and television
  6. Concert and event planning
  7. Concert and event promotion
  8. Designing album cover art
  9. DJ services
  10. Education and music lessons
  11. Event photography and videography
  12. Event space rental
  13. Forming a wedding band
  14. Instrument lessons
  15. Instrument sales and rentals
  16. Jingle writing
  17. Live sound engineering
  18. Music blogging
  19. Music festival organization
  20. Music licensing
  21. Music publishing
  22. Music store and retail sales
  23. Music studio design and construction
  24. Music studio management and staffing
  25. Music supervision for film and television
  26. Music therapy
  27. Music transcription and notation
  28. Music venue booking and talent scouting
  29. Music venue management
  30. Music video casting and styling
  31. Music video direction and production
  32. Music video editing and post-production
  33. Music writing and journalism
  34. Music-themed event planning and design
  35. Music-themed food and beverage catering
  36. Music-themed gifts and merchandise
  37. Online music streaming and distribution
  38. Online music tutoring and instruction
  39. Performance coaching and development
  40. Performing arts academy
  41. Personalized song recordings
  42. Personalized songwriting
  43. Private event music entertainment
  44. Providing voice / choral lessons
  45. Record mastering and restoration
  46. Record pressing and vinyl manufacturing
  47. Recording studio equipment sales and repair
  48. Recording studio rental
  49. Selling songs
  50. Songwriting workshops and classes
  51. Sound system rental and installation
  52. Starting a record label
  53. Talent agency
  54. Tour and travel management for musicians
  55. Tour merchandise design and sales
  56. Used CD store
  57. Writing lyrics

Notary Business Ideas

Once you get your notary license, you’ll be fully licensed to act as a Notary Public in your space. Within the notary field, you can be a generalist or target various niches. Here are some notary business ideas:

  1. Administrative services for document certification
  2. Bilingual notary service
  3. General notary public
  4. Mobile notary service
  5. Notary blog
  6. Notary services for business documents
  7. Notary services for educational documents, such as transcripts and diplomas
  8. Notary services for financial, legal, and real estate documents, such as loan documents, settlement statements, and living wills
  9. Notary services for governmental documents
  10. Notary services for healthcare documents
  11. Notary services for insurance documents, such as policy documents and claims forms
  12. Notary services for marriage licenses
  13. Notary services for passports and other travel/identification documents
  14. Notary services for shipping documents, such as bills of lading and customs forms
  15. Notary services for technical documents, such as patents and trademarks
  16. Online notary service

Outdoor Business Ideas

  1. Awning cleaning service
  2. Birdwatching tours and education
  3. Boat broker & marine sales
  4. Boat club
  5. Fishing guide
  6. Flight and helicopter tours business
  7. Graffiti removal service
  8. Greenhouse installation
  9. Gutter cleaning service
  10. Hunting guide
  11. Installing advertising billboards
  12. Junk hauling service
  13. Kayak & canoe tour business
  14. Leisure cruise operator
  15. Mobile car washing and detailing
  16. Mobile farm-to-table dining experiences
  17. Mobile fire pit or outdoor fireplace rentals
  18. Mobile ice cream or frozen treat truck
  19. Mobile treehouse or tiny home rentals
  20. Outdoor adventure and tour guiding
  21. Outdoor clothing and gear sales
  22. Outdoor event planning and coordination
  23. Outdoor furniture and accessory sales
  24. Parasailing business
  25. Parking lot sweeping business
  26. Pest control business
  27. Plant nursery
  28. Pool cleaning and maintenance
  29. Pool maintenance, sales, and installation
  30. Power equipment sales and repair
  31. Rock climbing wall rentals
  32. Sailboat rentals
  33. Scuba diving lessons and tours
  34. Snow plowing or shoveling service
  35. Starting a summer camp
  36. Water sports rentals and lessons
  37. Window washing service
  38. Windsurfing business
  39. Zipline or adventure course business

Pet Business Ideas

  1. Aquarium maintenance and installation
  2. Creating pet toys and products
  3. Exotic pet care
  4. Pet adoption business
  5. Pet blogger
  6. Pet boarding and daycare
  7. Pet breeding
  8. Pet event planning and coordination
  9. Pet finder / lost pet recovery
  10. Pet first aid and CPR training
  11. Pet food and treats
  12. Pet grooming
  13. Pet health and wellness products
  14. Pet insurance
  15. Pet psychology and behavior counseling
  16. Pet sitting and dog walking
  17. Pet supply and accessory business
  18. Pet training
  19. Pet transportation
  20. Pet waste removal

Photography Business Ideas

  1. Action photography
  2. Aerial photography
  3. Automobile photography
  4. Baby photography
  5. Black and white photography
  6. Candid photography
  7. Concert photography
  8. Corporate photography
  9. Event photography
  10. Family photography
  11. Fashion photography
  12. Fine art photography
  13. Food photography
  14. Headshot photography
  15. Interior photography
  16. Landmark photography
  17. Landscape photography
  18. Lifestyle photography
  19. Nature photography
  20. Nature photography
  21. Night photography
  22. Pet photography
  23. Portrait photography
  24. Product photography
  25. Real estate photography
  26. Sports photography
  27. Stock photography
  28. Street photography
  29. Time-lapse photography
  30. Travel photography
  31. Underwater photography
  32. Wildlife photography

Real Estate Business Ideas

I spent six years working in commercial real estate investments, so believe me when I say there are many options in the real estate space!

  1. Acting as an owner’s rep for construction
  2. Affordable housing development
  3. Airbnb / VRBO management
  4. Apartment leasing agency
  5. Architectural design services
  6. Commercial property leasing
  7. Commercial property management
  8. Commercial real estate brokerage
  9. Commercial real estate lending
  10. Community association management
  11. Community development
  12. Construction management
  13. Cooperative housing management
  14. Corporate real estate services
  15. Corporate relocation services
  16. Debt restructuring and refinancing
  17. Disaster recovery services
  18. Distressed property sales
  19. Environmental consulting
  20. Estate sale management
  21. Facilities management
  22. Farming and agriculture land sales
  23. Foreclosure cleanout and rehabilitation
  24. General property manager
  25. Golf course and country club property sales
  26. Green real estate development
  27. Home inspection services
  28. Home staging services
  29. Home warranty services
  30. Hospital development
  31. Hospitality/hotel/resort development
  32. House flipping
  33. Industrial development
  34. Industrial property sales
  35. Infrastructure development
  36. Interior design for real estate listings
  37. Investment property financing
  38. Land use and zoning consulting
  39. Landlord representation
  40. Lease negotiation and management
  41. Leasehold improvement consulting
  42. Leasing broker
  43. Life science development
  44. Luxury property sales
  45. Manufactured home sales
  46. Medical office development
  47. Mixed-use development
  48. Mortgage brokerage
  49. Moving and storage services
  50. Multifamily development
  51. New development consulting
  52. Office development
  53. Off-market property sales
  54. Online real estate marketplace
  55. Property appraisals
  56. Property conservation and preservation
  57. Property insurance
  58. Property management software development
  59. Property tax appeal services
  60. Property tax consulting
  61. Public housing management
  62. Raising debt capital for projects
  63. Raising equity capital for projects
  64. Real estate advisory services
  65. Real estate agent recruiting and training
  66. Real estate auctions
  67. Real estate crowdfunding
  68. Real estate education and training
  69. Real estate investment banking
  70. Real estate market analysis and research
  71. Real estate photography and videography
  72. Real estate private equity fund
  73. Real estate project management
  74. Real estate rental marketplace
  75. Real estate syndication
  76. Real estate venture capital
  77. Real estate virtual tours
  78. Rehabilitation and retrofitting
  79. Remodeling and renovation
  80. Residential development
  81. Residential real estate agent
  82. Resort property sales
  83. Retail development
  84. Retail property management
  85. Right-of-way acquisition and management
  86. Self-storage facility development and management
  87. Senior housing and care investment sales
  88. Senior housing development
  89. Short-term rentals and vacation rentals
  90. Site selection consulting
  91. Starting a real estate investment trust (REIT)
  92. Student housing development
  93. Student housing management
  94. Subdivision development
  95. Sustainability consulting
  96. Tenant improvement project management
  97. Tenant representation
  98. Timeshare sales and management
  99. Title and closing services
  100. Urban planning and design
  101. Vacant land sales
  102. Vacation home sales
  103. Virtual property management
  104. Warehouse and distribution center development
  105. Waterfront property sales
  106. Winery and vineyard property sales
  107. Workforce housing development
  108. Zoning and land use litigation
  109. Zoning compliance consulting

Recruitment Business Ideas

  1. Career coaching
  2. Employee assessment
  3. Executive search
  4. International recruiter
  5. Interview coaching
  6. Niche recruitment
  7. Outplacement services
  8. Recruitment automation
  9. Recruitment process outsourcing
  10. Resume writing
  11. Technical recruiter
  12. Temporary / contract recruiting

Security Business Ideas

  1. Access control systems
  2. Alarm monitoring
  3. Background check services
  4. CCTV installation and monitoring
  5. Commercial security systems
  6. Cybersecurity services
  7. Electronic security systems
  8. Event security services
  9. Fire protection systems
  10. Fraud prevention
  11. Guard dog training and services
  12. Home security systems
  13. Information security consulting
  14. Personal protection services
  15. Physical security assessments
  16. Private investigation services
  17. Risk assessment and management
  18. Security guard services
  19. Security system maintenance and repair
  20. Security training and education

Small Town Business Ideas

  1. Antique store
  2. Bank
  3. Barbershop
  4. Bike shop
  5. Bookstore
  6. Clothing store
  7. Coffee/tea house
  8. Convenience store/gas station
  9. Dentist’s office
  10. Diner
  11. Dry cleaner
  12. Florist
  13. General store
  14. Gift shop
  15. Grocery store/supermarket
  16. Gym
  17. Hardware store
  18. Health food store
  19. Laundromat
  20. Law firm
  21. Lawn and garden center
  22. Lumberyard
  23. Medical clinic
  24. Notary public services
  25. Optometrist
  26. Pharmacy
  27. Physical therapy clinic
  28. Real estate agency
  29. Restaurant
  30. Salon
  31. Shoe store
  32. Thrift store
  33. Toy store
  34. Veterinary clinic

Solar Business Ideas

  1. Blogging about solar power
  2. Solar energy consulting
  3. Solar generator rental company
  4. Solar home design and construction
  5. Solar panel cleaning and maintenance
  6. Solar panel component manufacturing company
  7. Solar panel financing and leasing company
  8. Solar panel installation and maintenance business
  9. Solar panel recycling and disposal service
  10. Solar product sales
  11. Solar-powered advertising billboards
  12. Solar-powered backup power systems
  13. Solar-powered boat charging and maintenance business
  14. Solar-powered car charging stations
  15. Solar-powered farm equipment and machinery
  16. Solar-powered home automation and security systems
  17. Solar-powered irrigation systems
  18. Solar-powered phone charging kiosk
  19. Solar-powered traffic signals and lighting systems
  20. Starting a solar farm

Startup Business Ideas

Startups can encompass an enormous range of business models. But in general, each startup will fall into an overarching category. In this section, I included a list of the industry groups on Crunchbase, a business information service founded by TechCrunch.

Within each industry group, Crunchbase includes a variety of industries. For example, “advertising” covers ad exchanges, advertising platforms, outdoor advertising, and several more.

If you want to launch a startup but don’t know where to begin, their post is a great base to generate ideas.

  1. Administrative Services Startup
  2. Advertising Startup
  3. Agriculture and Farming Startup
  4. Apps
  5. Artificial Intelligence Startup
  6. Biotechnology Startup
  7. Clothing and Apparel Startup
  8. Commerce and Shopping Startup
  9. Community and Lifestyle Startup
  10. Consumer Electronics Startup
  11. Consumer Goods Startup
  12. Content and Publishing Startup
  13. Data and Analytics Startup
  14. Design Startup
  15. Education Startup
  16. Energy Startup
  17. Events Startup
  18. Financial Services Startup
  19. Food and Beverage Startup
  20. Gaming Startup
  21. Government and Military Startup
  22. Hardware Startup
  23. Health Care Startup
  24. Information Technology Startup
  25. Internet Services Startup
  26. Lending and Investments Startup
  27. Manufacturing Startup
  28. Media and Entertainment Startup
  29. Messaging and Telecommunications Startup
  30. Mobile Startup
  31. Music and Audio Startup
  32. Natural Resources Startup
  33. Navigation and Mapping Startup
  34. Payments Startup
  35. Platforms
  36. Privacy and Security Startup
  37. Professional Services Startup
  38. Real Estate Startup
  39. Sales and Marketing Startup
  40. Science and Engineering Startup
  41. Software Startup
  42. Sports Startup
  43. Sustainability Startup
  44. Transportation Startup
  45. Travel and Tourism Startup
  46. Video Startup

Travel Business Ideas

  1. Adventure sports and activities
  2. Adventure travel business
  3. Bed & breakfast
  4. Bike and scooter rental business
  5. Car rental service
  6. Credit card/points blogging
  7. Culinary and food tours
  8. Cultural exchange programs
  9. Designing travel accessories
  10. Eco-tourism business
  11. Educational travel
  12. Foreign language translation services
  13. Limousine service
  14. Medical tourism business
  15. Tour guide/operator
  16. Travel agency
  17. Travel blogging
  18. Travel insurance
  19. Vacation rental management
  20. Visa and passport services
  21. Wildlife safaris and conservation

Wellness Business Ideas

  1. Acupuncturist
  2. Aromatherapy business
  3. Corporate wellness coach
  4. Creating wellness products
  5. Float therapy business
  6. Health & wellness blog
  7. Health and wellness coach
  8. Infrared sauna business
  9. Massage therapy business
  10. Nutritionist business
  11. Private chef business
  12. Spa
  13. Wellness center
  14. Wellness retreats

Wedding Business Ideas

  1. Creating wedding favors
  2. Creating wedding registries
  3. Custom tailored clothing
  4. Engagement ring advice consulting
  5. Florist specializing in weddings
  6. Ice sculpture business
  7. Invitations and stationery design
  8. Jewelry business with designs for weddings
  9. Marriage preparation course
  10. Wedding blog
  11. Wedding cake maker
  12. Wedding catering business
  13. Wedding dance lessons
  14. Wedding day-of coordination
  15. Wedding decorations
  16. Wedding DJ
  17. Wedding dress rental service
  18. Wedding dressmaker
  19. Wedding furniture rentals
  20. Wedding hair and makeup
  21. Wedding insurance & financial counseling
  22. Wedding magazine
  23. Wedding photo booth business
  24. Wedding photographer
  25. Wedding planning
  26. Wedding transportation/limousine service
  27. Wedding venue
  28. Wedding videographer

What Business is Best to Start?

Many business ideas have the potential to turn into successful businesses. It’s difficult to say which idea is the best to start, as the best choice depends on various factors, such as your skills, interests, and resources.

Assuming you’re funding your business out of your own pocket, it’s generally a smart idea to consider starting a business with low startup costs. Freelance writing is an excellent example of a business with high ROI potential and low costs.

If a freelance writing business only costs $50 to start up, finding a single freelance writing client that will pay you $500/month ensures an astronomical ROI. The business would be a success on that basis alone, and it can grow from there.

Other low-cost business ideas might include starting a social media management service, dropshipping, or providing virtual assistance services.

When picking a business idea, it’s generally good to choose one that already has established demand. While starting a social network might lead you to create the next Facebook, it has a much higher chance of failing. Whereas acting as a virtual assistant, for example, is a proven model because many businesses utilize virtual assistants.

What Business Can I Start With No Money?

Believe it or not, it’s easy to start a business while spending $0. Assuming you already have a computer, you only need a website and email address. You can create a variety of information-based and service-based businesses.

You can create a free website with’s free plan and get free email with Zoho Mail.

With, you can create an online course, sell a digital product like an eBook, engage in affiliate marketing, or sell physical products. You can even use the website as a base for a service-based business, like freelance writing, a web design agency, or a lawn mowing service.

For the best results and improved credibility, it’s better to invest $10-15 in a custom domain name.

If you’d rather build your site on WordPress, web hosts like Bluehost offer a free domain with an annual purchase, which costs as little as $35/year.

What Are The Most Successful Small Business Ideas?

The most successful small business ideas can vary widely, as each person defines success differently. Some people may define success based on profitability, while others may define it based on personal satisfaction or positive societal impact.

That being said, some small businesses tend to be successful more often than others. Generally, the best small business ideas have the potential to cover their startup costs quickly.

As a result, low-cost businesses such as freelance writing or consulting can provide a positive return on investment (ROI) almost instantly. The required investment is as little as $10, and signing one client can pay for that many times over.

Other successful small businesses might include service-based businesses that offer a unique or specialized service or e-commerce businesses that can tap into a specific niche market.

The key to choosing a great business idea is to identify a need or problem you can solve and then deliver a high-quality solution that meets that need.

How do I Get Clients For My Small Business?

As a small business owner, there are many ways to get clients. At the end of the day, your goal is to reach people and tell them about your small business. Here are some popular techniques to find clients:

  1. Affiliate and partnership marketing
  2. Search engine optimization (allowing your business to rank in Google search)
  3. Cold emailing potential clients
  4. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  5. Participating in local events or trade shows
  6. Guest blogging on established websites in your industry
  7. Networking and building relationships
  8. Advertising in local media or online platforms
  9. Public relations and earned media
  10. Appearing on an established podcast
  11. Growing your email list
  12. Hosting webinars

What is the Step-By-Step Process for Starting a Business?

Each business has a different process, but you’ll generally want to do all of the items below regardless of the business you choose to start. After you select an idea, here’s a general list of steps:

  1. Find a business name. You can use our name generator on to find a name for free. Make sure you pick a flexible name to accommodate future product and service expansions.
  2. Create a business plan. Your business plan doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, but you’ll want to outline your initial services, pricing, and customer acquisition strategy. You’ll want to start with the simplest possible service and then expand.
  3. Choose a business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C-corporation, or S-corporation)
  4. Get an EIN and open a business bank account
  5. Create your logo, branding, and website
  6. Get licenses, certifications, and insurance as needed
  7. Purchase your startup equipment and get financing (if needed)
  8. Market your business
  9. Complete work, get paid, and pay taxes
  10. Scale and expand your services

Do I Need a Business Plan Before Becoming a Small Business Owner?

You don’t need to go overboard with a business plan unless you’re considering raising funding or getting a loan. In general, you’ll want to spend your time on activities that will move you towards acquiring paying customers faster.

However, given the time investment involved in starting a business, it’s a good idea to spend an hour thinking through various parts of your business. Here are a few areas to think about:

  • What are your projected startup costs?
  • What will be your ongoing expenses?
  • What are your initial products and services?
  • What is your target market?
  • Who are your competitors? How do they acquire their customers?
  • What is your customer acquisition strategy?
  • What services might you offer in the future? You’ll want to think ahead, as it will help you choose a flexible name and frame your focus as you start your business.

What If I Choose the Wrong Small Business Idea and Change My Mind?

Don’t worry! With a small business, you can quickly pivot. Believe it or not, Play-Doh was initially launched in the 1930s as a product designed to clean coal heating soot from walls.

If you’re not 100% sure where your business might go, it’s better to pick a flexible name that can accommodate a wide range of products and services. I did this with Jumpcoast – it’s a highly flexible name that would accommodate everything from marketing to real estate to website hosting.

You can always rebrand if you think a more specific name would work better for your company. The key is to be flexible, look for opportunities to pivot, and identify what needs to change in the newest iteration of your business.


Starting a business can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. With this post, I hope you were able to get some inspiration and think about all of the possibilities for your business.

There are plenty of ideas out there, ranging from home-based businesses to low-cost online businesses and more. No matter your passion or expertise, there is likely a business idea on this list that is a good fit for you.

Regardless of what idea you choose, you’ll have the best odds for success if you keep your startup costs low and start with the simplest possible service. It’s also a good idea to seek advice from a mentor or people in your industry to help you make an informed decision.

It will take time, effort, and commitment, but with the right idea and approach, you can start a lucrative and fulfilling business!

About the Author

Axel is the founder of Jumpcoast, a blog and agency that helps people jumpstart the growth of their online businesses. He also founded NameBounce, a popular domain name and business name generator. Previously, he worked as a commercial real estate investments manager.

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